石川県金沢市から福井勝山市(SKI JAM勝山、恐竜博物館)最短ルート

Fastest Route from Kanazawa, Ishikawa to Katsuyama, Fukui
(Home of Skijam Katsuyama and the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum)


今回は、石川県金沢市からSKI JAM勝山や恐竜博物館で有名な福井県勝山市へ車で行く場合の峠道最短ルートを、記事の最後でご紹介しています。

SKI JAM勝山は、最長滑走距離5,800mを誇る西日本最大級のスキー場で、難易度の異なる様々なコースがあって初心者から上級者まで楽しめます。




From Kanazawa to Katsuyama by Car

In this post, we’ll be talking about the shortest route for driving from Kanazawa, Ishikawa to Katsuyama, Fukui, which is famous for Skijam Katsuyama and the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum.
Skijam Kanazawa is one of the largest ski resorts in western Japan, boasting runs as long as 5,800 m. The slopes offer something for everyone to enjoy, from beginners to experts. Skijam Katsuyama also has overnight accommodations, restaurants, and equipment rentals, perfect for a casual weekend trip. The ski lifts also now feature a convenient IC card system: buy a card beforehand at a local sporting goods store or a nearby convenience store, then simply tap it at the ski lift gate.
As we write this in April 2023, the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum is currently closed as it undergoes renovation work in preparation for its grand reopening. When it does reopen, though, visitors can look forward to a vast, 4,500 m² exhibit space with incredible dinosaur skeletons, realistic moving life-size models, and informational displays. The museum offers hands-on activities, too, like breaking open rocks to try to find real fossils. There’s plenty to love here, for a day trip for dinosaur lovers of all ages.


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SKI JAM勝山は、外国人観光客向けに、スキー情報サイトの「Japan Ski Guide」でも多言語翻訳(英語版、中国語、韓国語版)で紹介されています。

The multilingual ski resort information website Japan Ski Guide has plenty of information about Skijam Katsuyama, available in English, Chinese, and Korean, making it a valuable resource for fans of winter sports who are visiting Japan from overseas.

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Q:What are the features of Ski Jam Katsuyama?

A: Ski Jam Katsuyama is a ski resort located in Japan. Some of its features may include:
• Quality of snow and ski slopes
• Availability of rental equipment and ski lessons
• On-site dining options and accommodations
• Scenic views of the surrounding mountains
• Family-friendly atmosphere and activities for non-skiiers.

SKI JAM勝山 ゲレンデ中腹からの勝山市遠景





157号線を勝山市村岡町暮見の交差点(右図中Ⓓ)で左折し、市道5-47号線を7キロほど進めば、SKI JAM勝山(右図中Ⓔ)に到着します。

※勝山市村岡町暮見の交差点(右図中Ⓓ)を右折して、SKI JAM勝山とは反対方向へ3キロほど進めば福井県立恐竜博物館へも行けます。

Take the Scenic Route through the Mountains

The most common route from Kanazawa to Katsuyama is to take the Hokuriku Expressway to the Chubu-Jukan Expressway, then take that to Katsuyama. This route is a total of about 107 km, as shown in the map on the left.
We recommend considering an alternative route through the mountains, as shown in the map on the right. This route is about 80 km long, starting from Kanazawa Station (point A on the map), and along the way you can enjoy scenic views of places like the Tedori River dam (point B) and the traditional Shiramine Village. And even though the speed limits are lower, the distance is shorter, so the trip takes about the same amount of time as taking expressways.
There are also plenty of nice places to stop for a break along the way. There are hot spring baths like Shiramine Onsen and Hime no Yu (point F), and for lunch there are a number of delicious soba noodle shops in the Torigoe area.
Instead of — or after — stopping for a bath, there’s also the Michi no Eki roadside station in Sena (point G), where you can get soft-serve ice cream in unique flavors like sobacha roasted buckwheat tea, or cappuccino (served topped with ground coffee beans).
As you get closer to Katsuyama, you can also stop for a break at Yama no Eki (“Mountain Station”) Yorossa, to shop for local produce, or simply to stretch your legs and have a toilet break.
Watch for this intersection on Route 157 (point D; look for the Skijam sign), and turn left there. Follow Route 5-47 for about 7 km, and you’ll arrive at Skijam Katsuyama (point E).

To get to the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum, follow the instructions above, but when you get to the intersection above (point D), turn right instead of left, then follow that road about 3 km.


Expressway Route from Kanazawa to Skijam Katsuyama

Simplest route to Skijam Katsuyama, via expressways • Hokuriku Expressway → Chubu-Jukan Expressway → Route 5-47 (Tolls required)


Scenic Route from Kanazawa to Skijam Katsuyama

Shorter distance, and great scenery to enjoy along the way, to make the trip itself part of the fun • Kanazawa Yamagawa Junkan Road (“Mountainside Loop Road”; local nickname) → Route 157 → Route 5-47


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