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Let’s Have Fun Outdoors!

Tree Picnic Adventure IKEDA (28-16 Shizuhara, Ikeda Town, Fukui Prefecture) is situated in a picturesque and verdant forest area that boasts breathtaking views of the natural surroundings. The center offers an array of exciting activities that cater to people of all ages and skill levels, such as ziplining (Mega Zipline), tree climbing (Adventure Park), rafting (Adventure Boat) and forest trekking.

You can choose to stay in a cottage, cabin, or tree tent. The tree tents in particular allow you to stay in a tent on a deck “floating” among the trees, listening to the sound of the river and feeling the forest breeze.

Next to the tent site, there is a large covered barbecue house with toilets. There is also a spa a five-minute walk away.
The staff at Tree Picnic Adventure IKEDA are well-regarded for their professionalism and cordiality, ensuring visitors feel comfortable and valued. With its safe and enjoyable activities, the activity center is an ideal location for families to spend quality time together amid nature’s splendor. Additionally, the affordable prices for the activities make it an attractive option for a broad range of visitors.

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福井県池田町にある「ツリーピクニック アドベンチャー いけだ」は、緑豊かな森の中にあります。息をのむような絶景を眺めながらのメガジップライン、親子向けにはアドベンチャーパークでのアスレチックやツリークライム、ボート好きには足羽川源流を下るラフティングなど、年齢やレベルを問わず楽しめるアクティビティが、たくさん揃っています。


テントサイトのそばには、大型のバーベキューハウスがあり、レンタル備品や豪華な食材メニュー(予約要)も用意してあり、手ぶらで行くことも可能です。トイレも隣接しており、徒歩5分の所には温泉(渓流温泉 冠荘)もあります。 スタッフはとても親切で、ゲストを温かくもてなしてくれます。

– ツリーピクニック アドベンチャー いけだ
 (外部リンク 公式サイト)

Adventure Park(アドベンチャーパーク)

Discovery Course: 
3,700 yen/person 
120 min. 
130cm and over/under 100kg 

Tree Climb Course:
2,800 yen/person
60 min.
120cm and over / under 100kg

Kids Course:
1,100 yen/person
60 min.
110cm and over / under 40kg

Little Kids Course:
2,500 yen/parent-child pair
60 min.
100cm and over / under 100kg

Mega Zipline(メガジップライン)
Fee (tax): ¥3,700/person
Time required: 60 minutes
Conditions of use:
130cm or more / 100kg or less

Tree tent(樹上テント)

Capacity for 2 persons (maximum 4 persons)
June-September 18,000 yen
October to May 20,000 yen
Children must be at least 130cm tall.


Capacity for 5 persons
June-September 19,000 yen
October to May 21,000 yen
Unit bath, mini-kitchen included


Bonfire in front of cottage(コテージ前で焚火)

barbecue house(バーベキューハウス)

Snack shop(センターハウス 売店)

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